3-days of Humpback Encounters in Hervey Bay


Secure THREE FULL DAYS of Whales Underwater Whale Encounters in Hervey Bay providing an unmatched opportunity for the best interactions.

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“To look into the eye of a whale and have them look back is like no other wildlife experience on the planet.”

Join this fabulous marine wildlife adventure!

Your tour gives you three days on the water (and if conditions permit, in the water),  up-close and personal with the magnificent humpback whales, in the magical waters of the Hervey Bay Marine Park.

This is your chance to shoot alongside renowned photographers Darren Jew and Jasmine Carey and gain insights into the world of whale photography.

Not only will you have the chance for great whale encounters in and out of the water, but you’ll also receive expert photo-guidance along the way!

See you in Hervey Bay!

Trip price includes:

  • Three full days on the water (9 hours per day)
  • Experienced whale watch crews
  • The best photography advice
  • In-water encounters (conditions permitting)
  • Visit pristine Fraser Island
  • Snorkelling gear provided (or bring your own)
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon teas provided
  • Chance encounters – dolphins, turtles, dugongs
  • In conjunction with Tasman Venture

*Booking Terms and Conditions available here

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