Ray Cuddle Leggings


These are really cool leggings etc etc etc etc etc


These are really cool leggings etc etc etc etc etc

Made of 90% recalled PET (3 x 2litre bottle makes 1m2 of fabric)

For each 10 pair of leggings purchased we will rehabilitate 1m2 of degraded farmland on the banks of streams and rivers in the Daintreee Lowlands of Far North Queensland re-planting original rainforest species previously cleared for agriculture. The growing of these trees will not only offset the carbon emitted when the PET is recycling into fibre, it will also improve significantly the quality of the water running into the streams and rivers and in turn the inshore waters of the Great Barrier Reef adjacent the Daintree coast. This is part of the Rainforest to Reef partnership between Rainforest Rescue and Great Barrier Reef Legacy, tow groups working tirelessly for a better planet through local action. Think Globally, Act Locally.